bal mithai

Order Bal Mithai Online | If you want to order Almora Bal Mithai online then you should visit

We are now going to deliver Almora’s world famous Bal mithai and chocolates to your doorstep.

How to order Bal mithai Online

To order Bal mithai online, you must visit the website

After visiting, you have to click on the Order Now button on the home page or in the menu section.

Now you have the option to select bal mithai and chocolate

You can click on both options to add 1 kg of Bal Sweet and 1 kg Chocolate or you can also order only Bal mithai or Chocolate, it is your choice.

After this, you will have to click on Add to Cart button; a page will appear in front of you.

In which there will be details of your order of bal mithai or chocolates selected by you.

Now you have to click on the checkout button.

The next page will be the check out page where you have to fill your shipping and billing address

bal mithai online

After that, by clicking on “Pay Online Now”, you can select the mode of payment and make a payment.

This way your order is confirmed

We get the details of your order within a few minutes of placing your order and we process it and deliver the bal mithai or chocolate to your home.

In this way, you can enjoy Almora’s historical bal mithai and chocolates at your home.