All India Delivery Directly From Almora (Uttarakhand)

Amora Mithai

Almora Mithai is based at Almora . We are shipping famous Almora Bal Mithai and Chocolate across the Globe.
Bal Mithai and Chocolate has been widely popular and highly demanding sweets among sweet lovers in India and out of India as well. We are spreading happiness by delivering it at their home for last 2 years .

Almora mithai is an enthusiastic team of happy and sweet individuals based at Almora (Uttarakhand).

We take online order at our E-Commerce platform and deliver much famed Bal Mithai and Almora Bal Chocolate to our customer anywhere in the world. Buying sweets at Almora Mithai is simple and safe.

Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai is a popular sweet in Himalayan state Uttarakhand. Specially from  Almora. Bal Mithai is made with roasted khoya, pure desi ghee and coated with sugar balls made with khsh-khsh.


Chocolates, sometime known as chocolate barfi is also another popular and testiest sweet in hills of Uttarakhand. Chocolates is made with roasted khoya and pure desi ghee. Chocolate doesn’t  have sugar ball layer.



Question– What products can be ordered from
Answer- You can order Bal Mithai and Chocolate Mithai online through at Order Now section

Question – Is Bal Mithai and Chocolate Mithai from Almroa Mithai authentic ?
Answer – Yes, Bal Mithai of Almora Mithia is completely authentic, prepared with 100% pure khoya and desi ghee.

Question– Where is Almora Sweets located and where from you deliver it?
Answer– Almora Sweets is located in Almora and we deliver it directly from Almora (Uttarakhand) only.

Question – Can you deliver anywhere in India

Answer – Yes, we deliver all over India?


Question – Does the quality of Bal Mithai and Chocolate Mithai get spoiled during delivery?

Answer – No, sweets of your order are made and dispatched on the same day, They are delivered to you within 3 to 5 days of dispatch and are absolutely free from spoilage.


Question – In how many days does Bal Mithai or Chocolate Sweets get delivered from Almora Mithai?
Answer– The sweets of your order are made on the second day of your order and dispatched on the same day. Delivered in 3 to 5 days depending on the distance.
But sometimes there may be some delay due to unwanted reasons. Such as road breakage due to rain or land slide etc.

Question – Can I track the updates of my order?
Answer: Yes, tracking details are mailed to you as soon as the order is dispatched. You can track your order by filling the AWB no you received through mail on Track Your Order section at