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Bal Mithai in Delhi | Online Delivery

How to get Bal Mithai in Delhi ?

Bal mithai in Delhi |  You can get bal mitahi and chocolate anywhere in Delhi NCR by placing your order online


Can you deliver anywhere in Delhi ?

Yes,  Bal Mithai & Chocolate Barfi can be delivered at any address given by you within Delhi NCR or any where in India.


In how many days do Bal mithai  and chocolates get delivered in Delhi?

The very next day of receiving the order at, fresh and professionally packed bal mithai and chocolates will be sent to your address.

Delivery time from Almora to Delhi NCR is around 2-3 days

bal mithai in delhi

Is there any fear of spoilage of sweets during delivery?

No, Not at all, because the shelf life of bal mithai and chocolate barfi  is more than 20 days, so when it is delivered to you, you can fearlessly consume it or keep it for some more days to come.

Do you deliver the most famous bal mithai and chocolate or anything else?

We only deliver world famous and hysterical baal mithai and chocolate barfi which are delivered directly to your home from Almora, Uttarakhand  (the original place of bal sweet and chocolate barfi )

How to place order online

To order bal mithai and chocolates online you have to visit  order now section  at

Select the sweet of your choice, click on add to cart and click on checkout, fill in your address and make payment. Your order is confirmed

How many kilos of sweets can I order at a time?

You can order sweets from 1kg to 20kg


Can Chocolate Barfi and Bal Mithai be ordered together?

Yes of course you can order bal mithai and chocolates according to your demand. We pack both sweets in separate packets and bind  together then give the packet for shipping.

 How to bulk order Bal mithai  and Chocolates?

To order Bal mithai and chocolates in bulk, you can contact on the email address or contact number given in the website.

mob- 91-6398980007